Resistance Is Futile – Manic Street Preachers

Desde esta semana disponible el disco nĂșmero 13 de los galeses. Classic MSP-Listado de temas:1.”People Give In”3:542.”International Blue”3:523.”Distant Colours”3:294.”Vivian”4:155.”Dylan & Caitlin”3:536.”Liverpool Revisited”2:317.”Sequels of Forgotten Wars”4:218.”Hold Me Like a Heaven”4:189.”In Eternity”4:1610.”Broken Algorithms”3:5211.”A Song for the Sadness”4:2012.”The Left Behind”3:08EdiciĂłn japonesa: bonus tracks13.”Holding Patterns” 14.”Mirror Gaze” 15.”International Blue” (The Bluer Skies

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